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"Poems Along the Way" is a collection of fifty-two poems based on works of T'ang Dynasty masters like Li Bai, Wang Wei, and Du Fu. These poems by scholar and writer Dr. Sandra Ellston are both homages and creative originals, using the Chinese masters as formal and thematic inspiration. The poems are meditative and serene. Each poem is a portion of the emotional and philosophical process of life's journey along the way. "From moon-shadowed loneliness to wine-soaked friendship, from dreary winter rain to spring orchard joy, these elegant homages bring us closer to the nature, people and philosophy of T'ang dynasty China", says poet Henry Hughes. Matt Schumacher describes the book as "A Taoist treasure chest which frees fleeting flute notes and turtledoves thousands of years old, gives us pause under the 'sturdy huts' of our ancestors, and braves the same mountain summits as the T'ang Dynasty's finest poets. A very old muse moves through these poems, which guide the student toward enduring truths."

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These poems are created for you to enjoy various experiencesin my life. They were written over many years.Read them and enjoy.David M. Dickson, Author

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"I first encountered Lucy J. Madison's poetry when the Tipton Poetry Journal published her poem, "The Farmhouse." Her deft use of language and knack for choosing just the...

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