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This lab manual may be used with the videolab series or on its own as a traditional laboratory manual. The manual and the tapes concentrate on teaching methodology so that students can later apply the techniques in other situations. Worksheets are included to assist your students in completing each lab. The manual provides have a hands-on, direct connection to the videotaped examples.

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This second edition is aimed at undergraduate courses in exercise physiology, and also acts as a reference for specialists. It presents information in colour-coded chapters,...

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This combination manual and DVD provides much-needed training on the proper handling of rats used in biomedical research. The DVD includes narrated video clips that...

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For courses in Microbiology Lab and Nursing and Allied Health Microbiology Lab A Flexible Approach to the Modern Microbiology Lab Easy to adapt for almost any microbiology...

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This book covers the MPEG H.264 and MS VC-1 video coding standards as well as issues in broadband video delivery over IP networks. This professional reference is designed for...

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