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All her life, Juli Ambrose has been terrified that she is to die like Juliet Capulet--entombed alive.     Trapped in a stultifying romance and harassed by her domineering mother, Juli welcomes the call to adventure when she goes to Verona to investigate a case of sabotage inside her own company, Fabrizio Pharmaceuticals.     Before Juli can succeed at her task, she must must conquer her own inner demons.     But: in Verona she meets her Romeo. They fall desperately in love, and she is distracted from the urgent need to look inward as they search for evidence and share their passion for rock climbing.     As they close in on the secret that threatens to destroy Nucleion, they face escalating threats from the hidden saboteur, who finally manages to trap each of them in a life-threatening situation--and one of them dies.

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