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Dr. Tony Evans' foreword to The Legacy of Nobody Smith honors the life, love and ministry of his uncle, the Reverend James "Smitty" Smith - "a major influence and model" during Evans' growing up years in Baltimore.The faithful father. Charlie Smith's lean body and broad shoulders are proof he's a hard worker. He's a hod carrier. All day long he carries bricks and cement to the skilled workers on the construction site. In Baltimore's summer heat and humidity or raw winter winds, Charlie carries his load humming hymns, grateful to be able to provide for his family during the Great Depression.The troubled teen. Smitty Smith is a happy, energetic boy secure in his family's love. Daddy and Mama try their best to protect Smitty from the ugliness - the cruel prejudice that waits beyond the borders of their poor neighborhood. Yet on the front marble steps of his home, 15-year old Smitty's world crumbles when he discovers the secrets his parents have kept carefully hidden. Heartbroken by truth and convinced he's a nobody, Smitty leaves all he's ever known and runs away into a world at war with Hitler.The unprepared pastor. Decades later corporate professional Irv Basil follows God's call into the ministry. Seminary prepares Irv for many things - being a white pastor in Baltimore City is not one of them. When he encounters trouble and needs rescuing, Irv reaches out to a more experienced pastor named Rev. James "Smitty" Smith. But Smitty and Irv are about as opposite as two men can be. And all Smitty's life he's never had a reason to trust a white man. Why start now? What difference would it make?Author Leslie Basil Payne's first novel weaves a uniquely American tale of fatherhood, faith and friendship. Based on interviews given at his kitchen table, this biographical novel is rich with history and humor telling Smitty's story in his unique voice. So pull up a chair, join Smitty at his table. And witness the life of an insignificant nobody discovering he's actually the cherished child of a loving God.2017 Selah Awards FinalistWhat Readers Are Saying:"I felt so many emotions while reading this book but could not put it down. Awesome, awesome read!"Terri W., Amazon CustomerThis story speaks to the power of faith and perseverance in the face of bigotry and hate.Patrick D., Amazon CustomerThis is an amazing book. I cried so many tears, not because it was sad, but because of the real love that radiated off the pages and leaped into my heart to challenge me to be a better Christian.Kindle Customer"An inspiring historical novel with a message for today: in the eyes of God each of us is a somebody." Kurt L. Schmoke,University of Baltimore President and Former Mayor of BaltimoreThis book made me think about the things I take for granted. It was wonderfully written, as if I was there. Thank you for writing his story.CJ, Amazon Customer"This story ripped me to shreds and then put me back together again piece by piece. It's so full of the love Christ has for us, you will finish this book a changed person."Anonymous, Amazon Customer

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