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Money Boxing is a unique book about the hidden, underground world of sports and sports investment. This book features colorful characters and the prediction system that has casinos up in arms. Money Boxing is a home course in sports handicapping.Christian has great enthusiasm for this subject and it shows in this book. Most importantly, his method is extremely accurate in forecasting the outcomes of the fights he has analyzed. This can be attributed to his experience as an actual fighter.

The Little Book of Boxing PDF Gratis

Boxing has a long and eventful history and its drama, excitement and humour are covered in this fascinating account of the noble - and sometimes ignoble - art all over the...

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Drink, drugs, depression, sex scandals, financial meltdowns and serious health issues are just some of the fights British boxers have faced once they've quit the ring. A...

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Ireland’s amateur boxing story is one of blood, sweat and tears – and not just in the ring.Ireland is one of the world’s leading nations in the sport. This is the inside...

The Fighting Frenchman: Minnesota’s Boxing Legend Scott LeDoux Gratis Epub

Scott LeDoux’s face read like a roadmap of boxing’s last golden era—eye thumbed by Larry Holmes, brow gashed by Mike Tyson, ears stung by none other than Muhammad Ali....

Descargar Libros Para Ebook Gratis Boxing Match Stats Book: Keep Your Own Records (simplified Version): Volume 10

Use this book for recording stats for boxing matches. This book is great for recording stats for any boxing matches that you observe in person or on television. Keep track of...

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In Vietnam in 1969, a truck carrying millions of dollars in U.S currency is robbed...years later it appears the money may still be around, up for grabs...and the guilty party...

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