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The UK’s Brexit vote on 23rd June 2016 provided perhaps the most dramatic proof that the era of political and economic globalization has ended. Populism, nationalism and xenophobia are surging across Europe and Brexit adds to the problems facing the established political order. This book shows how we reached this stage and what needs to be done now. As a former MP and Europe minister under Tony Blair, and latterly as a commentator and writer on European issues, Denis MacShane has a unique insider perspective on the events that led to Brexit and the behind-the-scenes discussions that followed. He argues that Brexit will not mean full rupture with Europe and that British capitalism will overcome the ultra-right-wing forces of the Conservative back-bench and UKIP. Although the path to Article 50 and beyond will be fraught and tensely-negotiated, Britain cannot and will not divorce itself from the continent of Europe and the European question will continue to be a defining feature of politics into the future.

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"Superb" NICK COHEN, author of What's Left? "Tremendously entertaining" DOMINIC SANDBROOK, Sunday Times "Like his previous histories of the Seventies and Eighties, A...

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Human Rights in Europe is designed to help human rights lawyers and activists, as well as students and scholars of comparative and constitutional law, understand the European...

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Presque vingt ans après le début de la transition de la planification centrale vers l'économie de marché en Europe de l'Est et en Asie centrale, on peut observer une grande...

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