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This volume is essentially a continuation of the book, "Once a Fighter Pilot". It begins the day after "Once..." ends; and from there encompasses forty-five years of flying, mostly jets. As in "Once a Fighter Pilot", it is a compilation of aviation related short stories that are arranged in the approximate order in which they occurred. The recounted experiences include several facets of aviation with which the author was personally involved; airline, military, private, charter and corporate. Also at the end of several of these are postscripts which contain some personal observations that were shaped by these aviation occurrences. The anecdotes range from humorous to terrifying; from disbelief to amazement. They address fear of flying for passengers and gross incompetence in high places. Some aviation bureaucrats and politicians are exposed for their ignorance and arrogance. Midair collisions, near misses in the air, near crashes with the ground and the loss of friends in crashes serve to reinforce the old aviation adage: "A superior pilot is one who uses his superior judgment to avoid situations requiring his superior skill!"

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"Propaganda," Adolf Hitler wrote in 1924, "is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert." State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda documents how, in the 1920s...

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