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The Mau Mau – the name of a secret society that once struck terror into the hearts of British settlers in Kenya. An episode in history that ended in a State of Emergency, with violent and brutal acts dividing a nation. This is an intensely personal and vivid story of two boys: one black, one white. Once they were friends even though their circumstances are very different. But in a country riven by fear and prejudice, even the best of friends can betray one another . . .Internationally acclaimed and award-winning author Beverley Naidoo explores new territory in this beautifully realized and moving story set in Britain's colonial past.

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The New York Times bestseller My Heart Is Like a Zoo features bright colors, simple sentences, playful animals, and more than 300 hearts for children to count and enjoy....

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After a painful divorce, Diamond Hughes is anxious for a new beginning. With the demands of her life as a single mom and her job as a producer for a major television network,...

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A retelling of stories from Genesis, set in eighteenth-century Scotland, finds Jamie and Evan McKie vying for the attention of their father, while Leana and Rose McBride...

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~Poetry is a unique voice~ Words are delivered in many ways, through pain, anger, jealousy, love, happiness and so on. Sometimes, we hear them and sometimes we don’t. Poetry...

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Peter's Big Heart is the touching story of a young boy named Peter, who must endure serious heart surgery when he is just ten years old. With endearing and personal artwork,...

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"..a great read and a truly fine book... (for) children (and) the kid inside of all ... full of  lessons on faith, hope and courage... make space and time for this book."...

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