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Peter’s biggest worry was eating fruits and vegetables. There was nothing his mum could do to make him eat them! But all this changed when nine talking and walking fruits appeared in front of him. Peter was shocked to see the amazing creatures. The creatures were shocked to see they were in the bodies of edible fruits! Peter learned a lot about the importance of different fruits to the body and why he should embrace eating his fruits and vegetables. He also learned about the fruit of the spirit; the values and virtues needed to live well as a healthy child of God. Eat well, live well.

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Tohru should be having the time of her life during summer break at the Sohmas' vacation home...but ever since Akito appeared, Yuki and the others go off every day to meet...

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Peter's Big Heart is the touching story of a young boy named Peter, who must endure serious heart surgery when he is just ten years old. With endearing and personal artwork,...

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Includes twenty traditional tales told by Old Peter to his two gradchildren.

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