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The Complete Blastlands Saga - The Blastlands: Rangers & The Blastlands: Chasing GhostsWanted, Volunteers for the Freelands Rangers.Help keep the Freelands safe. Long hours, low pay. Must be willing to deal with dangerous threats on a regular basis. Excitement and adventure guaranteed. Death and/or dismemberment likely. Qualified Freelanders apply at any Ranger post.The lands outside the Freelands are a dangerous place: raiders, radiation-worshiping fanatics, crazies, religious cults, ferals, mutants, aliens, and more all pose a threat. The Freelands - carved from the chaos in the aftermath of an alien invasion and global nuclear war, built settlement-by-settlement, bringing civilization to a savage land. What does it take to keep the barbarians at the gate and the aliens at bay?Rangers.-----------------------------This Kindle version includes:The Blastlands: RangersFollow Jack Traipse - son of a legendary Ranger, as he goes through training and beyond, facing the often lethal challenges of the present day and ghosts from the past head on, the Freelands Ranger way.The Blastlands: Rangers - Presented free of DRM. Approximately 106,000 words.-----------------------------The Blastlands: Chasing GhostsThe follow-up to The Blastlands: Rangers, The Blastlands: Chasing Ghosts takes Ranger Sergeant Jack Traipse on a quest that will lead him on a perilous journey to finish the mission that cost his father his life five years ago. The secrets hidden behind the mystery are worth risking all for the dedicated radiation cults that follow Father Atomic and the dangerous operatives of the totalitarian Greater Good.Jack’s quest will lead him through the Freelands, the Ravaged Lands, and ultimately, into the dreaded Blastlands, facing some of the post-apocalyptic world's most dangerous foes. He has proven himself a most able Ranger, but is that enough to see him through this latest challenge?The Blastlands: Chasing Ghosts - Presented free of DRM. Approximately 118,000 words.

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NICOLAS: BOOK 1 Nicolas wants to be mortal again, and Adam Lang, his hated enemy is the key to that mortality. As the alpha male, his desire to rid himself of what he sees as...

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La perte de leur second enfant a été un choc pour Alana, Marko et l'apparition d'une vision fantomatique de leur futur enfant n'a pas arrangé les choses. Malgré ce drame, les...

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For human weapon, Rik, the biggest battle was for Vincent.A Soldier's ChoiceThey were bred to be soldiers. Fight or die was all they’d known since they were very young. And...

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Un par de niños encuentran un valioso libro en el lugar menos esperado. Con el tiempo descubrirían que fue escrito desde el exilio por Simón Rodríguez, el Sócrates de...

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The fiery, action-packed sequel to the New York Times bestselling Frostblood, perfect for fans of Red Queen and Throne of Glass. 'A fierce and vibrant world, a steamy...

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Dynamite's fiercest females appear in a massive genre-spanning crossover event featuring an all-star line-up of female authors, headlined by Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of...

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