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This is the first textbook to offer a comprehensive account of ocular prosthetics and the evidence used to underpin and support this field of healthcare. It does so by bringing together information from ophthalmology, prosthetic eye and contact lens literature, and from experts actively engaged in these fields.The book describes the psychological, anatomical and physiological aspects of eye loss as well as surgical procedures for removing the eye, patient evaluation, constructing prosthetic eyes (including prosthetic and surgical techniques for dealing with socket complications), the socketā€™s response to prosthetic eyes, prosthetic eye maintenance and the history of prosthetic eyes.Though primarily intended for prosthetists, ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses, optometrists and students in the fields of ocular medicine, maxillofacial medicine andĀ anaplastology, the book also offers a useful resource for other health workers and family members who care for prosthetic eye patients, and for those patients seeking a deeper understanding of the issues affecting them than they can find elsewhere.

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