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From the earliest English settlements the survival of the infant colonies in North America depended upon local militias. Before the mid-18th century royal troops were seldom shipped out from Britain, and the main burden of successive wars with the American Indians, and with Britain's colonial rivals France and Spain, fell upon locally raised units, which also fought alongside the Crown forces during the major operations of the French-Indian War of the 1750s. This final book of a fascinating three-part study covers the militias and provincial troops raised in the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, Nova Scotia, Hudson's Bay and Quebec Province; and also Rangers, and colors and standards.

The Life Of A Colonial Innkeeper Formato Kindle Epub

Describes the lives of colonial innkeepers and explains the importance they had in colonial society in graphic novel format.

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B.G. Pepperpot is the story of a family and a country. The stories, family tales and lore, follow four generations of Carringtons as Guyana emerges into the 21st century....

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An American history textbook that begins with the discovery of the New World and ends discussing the state of Native American and British relations around 1700.

Spanish Women And The Colonial Wars Of The 1890s Epub En Kindle

In the late 1890s a journalist wrote, "Spanish women would rather weep at a husband's or a son's gravesite than blush for lack of patriotic fervor." Yet at a time when women...

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The Giriama of Kenya's coastal hinterland persistently resisted colonialism, and they were unreceptive both to Christianity and to Islam. In 1912 the British colonial...

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The farmers of colonial New England have been widely accused of farming extensively, neglecting manure, wearing out their land, and moving on. But did they? And if so, when...

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