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This book presents an overview of the recent technologies in single molecule and single cell sequencing. These sequencing technologies are revolutionizing the way of the genomic studies and the understanding of complex biological systems. The PacBio sequencer has enabled extremely long-read sequencing and the MinION sequencer has made the sequencing possible in developing countries. New developments and technologies are constantly emerging, which will further expand sequencing applications. In parallel, single cell sequencing technologies are rapidly becoming a popular platform. This volume presents not only an updated overview of these technologies, but also of the related developments in bioinformatics. Without powerful bioinformatics software, where rapid progress is taking place, these new technologies will not realize their full potential. All the contributors to this volume have been involved in the development of these technologies and software and have also made significant progress on their applications. This book is intended to be of interest to a wide audience ranging from genome researchers to basic molecular biologists and clinicians.

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