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Cricket is played through out globe. It is believed that this game is most played on earth only next to soccer. The game is controlled globally through International Cricket Council popularly known as ICC. The council is working on expansion of the game in even those parts of world where it is not being played right now. However, very little is not to masses regarding it’s rules and regulations, especially in parts where the game is still under the stage of puberty. The current work is an attempt to highlight and summarise all the aspects of cricket including it’s history and evolution. Further, the current work is also an attempt to sum up the rules and regulations explained in commonly understood words. These rules and regulations of the game are strictly as notified by the controlling authority of the game i.e ICC. All the rules and regulations has been updated as on Sep 2017. Any subsequent amendments to the rules and regulations as notified by the ICC would be taken care of in the next edition of the book.

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