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Eight-year-old Cam Caper thinks he has hit the lottery when he discovers dinosaurs in the field behind his house. It doesn't bother him that the prehistoric animals don't look like the illustrations in his science book. His bright blue ankylosaurus is the best pet a boy could ask for. But when a zombie virus starts changing the peaceful dinosaurs into killing machines, Cam and his friends work with a local scientist to find a cure. To save the creatures they take to the air, travel in time, and face their biggest fears. Funny, touching and suspenseful, Attack of the Dinosaur Zombies shows that friends can come in any shape, and that sometimes you have to risk everything to save the one you love.

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Zombies não existem em nosso mundo. Até que cada um descubra isso, existem zumbis reais nos Estados Unidos! A sociedade colapsa à medida que a regra da lei está faltando....

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Follows a baby Maiasaurus on its first day out of the nest, describing the habits and behavior of the many other dinosaurs it meets

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A dead girl, a wealthy family, and indications of drug use. It's a toxic mix that leads Philadelphia detective Matt Payne deep into an unexpected maelstrom of deceit and...

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Presents a collection of information and trivia about dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles and the scientists who study them.

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Twenty-one reusable, brightly colored dinosaur stickers include Triceratops, Stegosaurus, T. Rex, and others in a prehistoric setting.

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