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In the spring of 1945, an unmarked German transport plane crash lands deep in the rugged Swiss Alps, and with it is buried one of the greatest single collections of World War II stolen artwork never recovered. Lying undisturbed in its rocky tomb for over half a century, a family member’s deathbed disclosure and war memorabilia hold the key to the existence and dormant location of this incredible treasure. American advertising executive Matt Ferguson, upon his discovery and pursuit of his great uncle’s mysterious legacy, enlists the help of a beautiful art expert, Courtney Lewis, and as their quest is unwittingly exposed, immediately become embroiled in a local murder investigation that draws them together in an effort to save not only a piece of history, but ultimately their lives. Striving to stay ahead of anonymous pursuers, they are stalked by a ruthless South American industrialist bent on forcibly seizing the priceless collection for himself, while simultaneously being hunted by a murderous band of ODESSA henchmen representing the past and present generations of the German Nazi party, seeking an additional relic from the crash more sinister than a mere cache of stolen art. With the dogged persistence of a city homicide detective determined to solve a triple murder, and his ability to knit together a global police effort, the chaotic and thrilling race to recover the find of a lifetime becomes a fast-paced, action packed adventure that weaves together an eclectic cast of characters in an international web of intrigue, murder, mystery and an unexpected conclusion that will keep readers riveted until the last page.

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