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Poetry of my Life is a book that moves through life and all its ups and downs. The poetic words written on the pages will move you to chuckle and at times to tears. The stories behind the poems give a sense of where the author’s head was during the times that moved her to scribe words on a page. Many of the poems were born out of adversities, in the middle of the night words that beg to be heard. The poems stretch from lust, love and awe of life. You’ll follow through tragic events of a child to adventures of an adult in a rhythmic poetic pace. The stories are moving with a quick pace through stages of life enhanced by poetry. The accompanied stories refrain from over shadowing the poem and are only meant to give a quick overview. From childhood friend to lover to deep relationships the poems give perspective and sometimes abstract to the depth of the trials.                Allow the poems to entertain your soul and take you on a journey from yourself. The love, lust and sorrow are vehicles to make you feel deep and then deeper. The more playful poems are yet to make you feel as well.

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