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What went on behind the Acid House dream? The raves and huge dance parties of the late-1980s changed the face of popular culture, as hundreds of thousands of youngsters enjoyed the illicit thrills of ecstacy and vast, illegal "all-nighters". Yet beneath the bright surface was a world of drug deals, violence, exploitation, protection rackets and armed robbery. In this book, Wayne Anthony tells the story of his two years as an illegal dance party organizer and promoter. In those two years he was beaten up, menaced by criminals and blackmailers, confronted with sawn-off shotguns, kidnapped and threatened with murder.

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Une jeune Québécoise part en Inde, à la recherche d'un rêve absolu. Récit plein de péripéties au dénouement imprévisible, First Class donne de l’Inde une image loin des lieux...

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