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Spanish filmmaker, Luis Bunuel (1900-83) was an artist known for his surrealist imagery and unflinching social criticism. An exile who produced some of his most famous work in Mexico and France during Franco's dictatorship, he left a complicated imprint on the creative landscape of the twentieth century and on generations of younger filmmakers - including his friend Claudio Isaac. Drawn from Isaac's personal papers, "Midday with Bunuel: Memories and Sketches", 1973-1983 is an intimate and unconventional portrait of this cinematic icon - and a memoir of Isaac's own artistic development. The text includes sketches, vignettes, and anecdotes from Isaac's notebooks, revealing his perspective first as a precocious boy and then as a young man. Isaac reflects on Bunuel's presence among a community of exiles, artists, actors, writers, and intellectuals in Mexico City. These are at once touching, perceptive, and critical glimpses into Bunuel's roles as husband and father, friend and colleague, surrealist, philosopher, and iconoclast during his last years. Throughout, Isaac's words reveal his deep admiration and affection for an older friend full of contradictions. Intimate photographs from the Isaac family archive complement the writing, and Bryan T. Scoular's careful translation makes this text available for the first time in English. Part biography, part memoir, "Midday with Bunuel" brings to life the creative milieu of Mexico City and gives readers a privileged view of the relationship between these two filmmakers.

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