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This book exclusively covers tested analytical methods for their accuracy and versatility for ores and minerals of most elements. It covers methods of analysis of minerals from alkali metals to zirconium. The methods examined have been tested and in practice in laboratories engaged in analysis of ores and minerals. The book also covers the fundamental principles of analytical chemistry, computation of analytical data, and error and precision in analytical results. A chapter is also dedicated to the management of analysis and safety in the laboratory. The principle of analysis is discussed at the beginning of each method, helping with the understanding of the theoretical aspects and reactions involved in the course of analysis. This will help students to understand the theory of analysis and role of each reagent used. For determination of major radicals in the ore, conventional chemical methods of analysis are suggested, whereas instrumental methods are suggested for elements present in minute quantities. The book will be useful for students as well as analytical chemists engaged in the analysis of ores and minerals.

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