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About the Book These are titles about women who have been prominent in any field of endeavour, including education, literature, the arts, music, politics, medicine, science and technology. This also includes women who have been prominent in history, in women’s organizations, and part of the movement for women’s suffrage. Also in this Book Women's fiction focuses on women's life experiences that are generally marketed to female readers, and should not be confused with Women's writing, which relates to books written by women rather than for them specifically. There is no comparable maket for males. Women's fiction often describes a woman on the cusp of life changes, her personal development, and her transformative journey through her relationships with others, in particular her romantic relationship. Also in this Book Women's studies examines women’s lives and experiences, the social and cultural constructs of gender; systems of privilege and oppression; and relationships between power and gender. Subjects include feminist theory, standpoint theory, intersectionality, multiculturalism, transnational feminism, social justice, affect studies, agency, biopolitics, materialisms, and embodiment. About us Leopold Classic Library has the goal of making available to readers the classic books that have been out of print for decades. While these books may have occasional imperfections, we consider that only hand checking of every page ensures readable content without poor picture quality, blurred or missing text etc. That's why we: republish only hand checked books; that are high quality; enabling readers to see classic books in original formats; that are unlikely to have missing or blurred pages. You can search "Leopold Classic Library" in categories of your interest to find other books in our extensive collection. Happy reading!

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First you understand women as an investment, then you realize the cost of having a woman, finally you make the investment in a woman.

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Excerpt from Special Pathology and Diagnostics, With Therapeutic HintsEncephalitis, inflammation of the substance of the brain, Meningitis cerebro-spinalis epidemica, spotted...

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