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Mickey Angie Lowe and His Crazy Fantastic Doodle Pen is a ridiculously fast-paced story that was created for those of you who would rather play video games than read a boring book. For Mickey Angie Lowe, school is torture, and doodling is the only thing that gets him through the boredom. Then one day Mickey is teleported into the doodle world he’s been drawing taking him on an adventure like none other. Now Mickey must find the portal back to Earth. Unfortunately Mr. Volcanizer, the beastlike Viking and ruler of Lava Island would rather eat Mickey for dinner than allow him to get back home. Luckily Mickey has some help from a few strange yet loyal friends. But will they be able to outsmart Mr. Volcanizer? The story is a crazy adventure with many bumps, bruises and plenty of laughs along the way. I know, I know, this sounds like a standard book. Well I haven’t told you about the best part, Mickey pulls off all the stops to keep his readers entertained. While trying to avoid being eaten, Mickey will entertain you by breaking away to tell a joke, coming up with a riddle, playing an I Spy game, drawing a comic and much, much more. He allows you into his head, and what a fantastically strange head it is. For Parents:This is a humorous first person account told through the eyes of Mickey Angie Lowe. Mickey Angie Lowe And His Crazy Fantastic Doodle Pen differs from a linear narrative in that is provided frequents breaks from the story in the form of daydreams. These daydreams allow young readers to have an entertaining break from the story. As a teacher I have observed first hand the benefits of frequent deviations from direct instruction. In this fast-paced technological age it is a challenge to maintain the interest of a young mind. Children are used to multi-faceted video games that allow them to frequently change levels, characters and journeys. Mickey Angie Lowe has been written with this in mind. Although the story pulls the reader in all kinds of directions, the fun-filled diversions also offer the reader a sense of control and choice. For Kids:This book rocks! It is unlike anything you have ever read before. Just try to contain yourself when you are reading this book in class – you don’t want your teacher to think that you are having too much fun. Middle Grade Fiction: 28 Chapters. Approximately 21,000 words / 84 Pages.


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