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Cycles of Seasons by Art Aeon is a collection of one hundred and eight simple short songs. They sing of a plain workaday life in Nova Scotia on the pristine Atlantic coasts of Canada through the natural cycles of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in the journey of our life. The titles of these songs are: Family Hiking Rainbow Bay at Dusk Children at Play In Rain Free at Sea Autumn Elegy Walking Home on Snow Shy Spring Summer Dream Painting Autumn Blizzard Calm Sea Summer Repose Autumn Moon Winter Blues Spring Prayer Daydreaming at Sea Autumn Leaves Snowy Night Spring Morning A Driftwood Inner AutumnWinter Journey Spring Stroll Birds’ Footprints Autumn Night Snowy Village Spring Storm Summer Sunset Rumination Mute Songs Wandering Carefree Voice of Sea Migrating Birds Stormy Sea Moonlit Seashore In Point Pleasant Park Autumn WoodsA Pair of Birds For Roses and Poems My Haven Touch of Autumn Winter Desolation Languid Spring Praying on as Canoe Autumn Rose Footprints on Snow Uneasy Spring Dew on a Rose Autumn Hike On Freezing Seashores Dismal Spring Daydreaming Moonlit Garden Seasons’ Flow Inner Spring Nature’s Drama With a Withering Rose Tides Cold Spring Gardening Toil and Prayer A Wanderer Spring Mists Sailing Pursuit Eclipse Dawn A Heron From Heart to Heart In a Waking Dream? Acadie (Nova Scotia) Sailing at Sea Cape Breton Seascape Margaree River Angelus Strolling Carefree The Last LeafDark and Light Along the Cabot Trails Cape Split Peggy’s Cove Hiking around Peggy’s Cove In the Kejimkujik Park A Fishing Cove Prayer at Winter Sunset Spring Dream Musing on Shining Stars Crescent Beach Mahone Bay A Haven by Sea Blessing Sanctuary in Cape Breton Abegweit (Prince Edward Island) Sea Sculptures On the Sky Line Trail To Sea Thanksgiving Planting Pine Seedlings Bay of Hope In a Foreign Tongue Inner Voice Ode to Spring Into Ancient Myth . Eloquent Autumn . For Inner Awakening.

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