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Evolution is a fact. The evidence for it is simply overwhelming. However, the original mechanism that generates the evolutionary process, as first put forth simultaneously by Charles Darwin and Alfred R. Wallace and which became known as Natural Selection, has now been seen to be too simplistic by some scientists aside from the hard-core neo-Darwinists who insist that nothing whatsoever is wrong with the original, classical, theory. This book examines in detail the flaws in the original mechanism and puts forth an alternate theory based heavily on the work of Nobel Prize laureate Barbara McClintock. At its basis, the present theory postulates that it is extraterrestrial impacts, with the occasionally resulting volcanism (due to shattering the earth's crust), that is the generating power for speciation. The resulting global cataclysm alters many organisms' genome through epigenesis, symbiogenesis and the McClintock Effect, thereby creating new species. Whereas the classical theory postulated that evolutionary change was endogenous, that is, that it was brought about by the individual organism, this theory claims that evolution is exogenous, that it is imposed upon the organism.

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