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Book 1:“Snake this is Miguel. He is a friend of Red’s. He is the one that brought her up here!” Sophia explained. As I got pissed off I thought about everything that was wrong with the fucking picture. Who the hell was this dude? For all the hell I knew, he could’ve been down with Roc’s crew.I took a stand and cracked my neck to the side. My goons walked up standing right behind me.“Sophia, I don’t give a shit what this nigga did. Nigga, you got two seconds to get the fuck outta here. How the fuck I don’t know if you weren’t the nigga that fucking did this to my girl?” I asked him.“Hold up nigga you don’t fucking know me! I would never do anything to hurt Kera. I knew that girl since we were kids. She used to practically live in my house when she was going through the shit with her father. So don’t come at me like that nigga. You should be mad at yourself for not being there. And you’re the one that she wants. Her ass made the wrong fucking decision cause you a bitch nigga,” he said getting snappy as I walked up in the nigga’s face.“What up cuz? I will pop your ass right here and now. Stay the fuck away from Red or Kera as you want to call her. She’s mine nigga,” I barked.“You talk a lot for a nigga with one trick. What the fuck you want to do nigga? You ain't nothing, but a bitch. You left your girl in that house by her fucking self, while some niggas ran up in there and beat the hell out of her behind some of your shit. Now you want to talk about popping someone? Be a man nigga. You ain’t shit, but another fool that is about to lose a good fucking woman. You don’t know me cuz. You don’t know what I can do. Don’t test me nigga. Me and Kera go way back,” he spoke not backing down one fucking bit. I had to admit that nigga had balls. ‘Who the fuck this nigga think he is?’“Yo Snake, nigga this is not the place. Catch this nigga on the street. Let’s find out about your girl man. Fuck this nigga,” H.B. suggested calmly placing his hand on my shoulder. “Stay the fuck away from my lady,” I warned him for the last time.“Who’s to say that she will stay away from me,” Miguel laughed as he walked out the door. Book 2:My heart continued to beat fast as H.B. began rolling her body up in her rug along with any other evidence that needed disposal. I hoped that nasty bitch enjoyed the taste of the afterlife. I closed the door pulling off my clothes and underwear as I pissed on my hands. Reggie once told me that urine would erase any trace of gunshot residue. I never thought I would have to do something like that. That shit was so damn nasty, but that was the shit you had to do when you didn’t want to get caught. “Red, Lets go.” H.B. yelled as I quickly placed the pair of black sweatpants on with the matching hoodie and a hot pair of all black J’s. Putting the other clothes into the bag before walking out the bathroom, I double checked to make sure I didn’t miss anything. H.B. and DMack picked up the rug starting out the door as I followed behind closely. We took the stairs all the way down to the basement heading out the door to the dumpster in the back. They tossed the rug and the duffle bag into the dumpster; poured gasoline on everything then threw a match burning it and that bitch up. The flames grew as we jumped into the car pulling off. Twisting my head backwards, I smiled and watched the fire grow out of control. "Bye Bitch" Book 3:After the shooting of Red and the unclear status of Snake, the question becomes who will run the game. Now that there is no loyalty, you don't know who you can trust. Someone has to take over the game. Will it be HB, Sophia or a mystery person? Who ever it is, can they hold down the game like Red or Snake? Find out in this final chapter of: A Hustler’z Love: Game Over

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