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The LINE (linear in-fighting neural-override engagement) is the most efficient and complete system of military close combat ever developed. This official USMC instruction manual provides comprehensive instruction in all aspects of this deadly system, including unarmed combat methods, knife and bayonet fighting and use of improvised weapons.

Swift, Silent And Deadly: Recon Marines In Vietnam Mobi A PDF

Imagine being one of a 7-man team in the middle of a jungle where any person you might encounter will try to kill you. This is enemy territory, inhabited by an unknown number...

Como Descargar U Torrent Many a Close Run Thing

A New Zealand squadron leader, flying-boat captain and airliner pilot on a life of aerial adventure Though rarely seen above the small sheep farming town called Ranfurly in...

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Descargar Libros En Gorillas Up Close PDF

Have you ever wondered how experts train a gorilla? Or what design features make a great gorilla habitat? Did you know that some gorillas can solve problems on giant...

Up Close With Spiders Archivo PDF

Debunking myths about spiders, this book takes an extremely close look at creatures that both fascinate and terrify humans.An introduction explains what makes spiders unique....

Descargar Mejortorrent Up-Close: A Missions Trip Devotional

Whether you're off to the slums of New Delhi or the streets of New Orleans, you have an example to follow:JesusTake an up-close look a handful of his face to face encounter...

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Mejor Torrent Descargar Hornet 33: Memoir of a Combat Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam Mobi A PDF

Combat helicopter pilots in the Vietnam War flew each mission facing the possibility of imminent death. Begun as a series of attempted letters to the Department of Veterans...

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