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This latest anthology reflects the ongoing maturation of the author. The author continues his journey into the world of spirits. The influence of Rumi is obvious, and the author has added Rumi to his name. He is Living Again in a world of love and affection for the earthly and the divine.

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The Living Water, one of Fr. Pierre-Thomas Dehau’s many books, is a treatment of the contemplative life as the life of wisdom concerned with a mysterious reality, hidden and...

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This illustrated encyclopedia explores every aspect of human history from the growth of farming, work and trade through science, crafts and technology to the importance of...

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"This book is a delightful read for laypersons. It surveys some of the outstanding, sometimes considered anomalous properties of water and aqueous solutions. The style is...

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With its high concentration of music, fashion, design, and film, London is one of the world's leading creative hubs. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the dwellings of...

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Book Description & About the Author Trudy Marwick was born in South East London in 1965. She has spent most of her life living around London. Now living in Orkney and...

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