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Broken Poet is a collection of lyrics and short stories fueled by the true-life experiences and exploits of a man wandering through middle age in the sometimes dark and addicted cruel back alleys of South Florida. Broken Poet writes in a frank, direct manner to tell stories. Stories ranging from a homeless vet strolling into a Church on Christmas Eve to a man waking up the night after an affair with a married woman. Sometimes the language can be raw and unflattering, in the mold of Bukowski. However, the stories and the lyrics, if truly understood, leave the reader with a silver lining of hope. The grace and wonder of religion, miracles, and the beauty of tomorrow are balanced against the darkness and pain of day to day life.

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Entirety J Roberts debut poetry collection of nearly 100 poems is birthed from years of pleadings with her dear Poet. It is a compilation of sensual poetry calling on...

Descargar It Elitetorrent Louis Michel Eilshemius: Peer Of Poet-painters

Cette première monographie rétrospective, monumentale (4 kg !), dédiée à Louis Michel Eilshemius (1864-1941) rassemble des peintures provenant de plus de 70 institutions et...

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Pagina Descargar Libros Enoch Arden, By Alfred Tennyson, D. C. L., Poet-laureate. El Kindle Lee PDF

This volume is produced from digital images created through the University of Michigan University Library's preservation reformatting program.

A Poet To His Beloved: The Early Love Poems Of W.b.yeats De Epub A Mobi

As a young man, William Butler Yeats was deeply affected by the idea of romantic love, or, as he called it, "the old high way of love." Characteristically, much of his early...

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Evil Grows.Everyone is terrified of Joshua. Drowned cats, dissected squirrels, and burning dogs are his playthings. No one know what the child thinks or will do next. Except...

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Descargar Torrent El Autor Broken Brooklynn Bridges Formato Kindle Epub

Brooklynn Richardson is a young, beautiful woman who's life has put her through the ringer at a very early age. Follow her journey as rape, drugs, and looking for love in all...

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