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Primarily concerned with the practical issues involved in the production of antibodies and their derivatives. Demonstrates how proteins, especially enzymes and immunoglobins can be isolated, characterised and produced on a large scale. Shows how the major products of the immune system - antibodies and cytokines - may be produced and used as products of commerce. Provides the knowledge needed to properly evaluate the process of immunochemical production, purification, formulation and marketing. The need for a cost effective training scheme for new and existing staff at all levels has been met by the University of Greenwich (formerly Thames Polytechnic) and the Open University of the Netherlands. As part of the European Community Education and Technology Training initiative (COMETT) and in conjunction with a number of other leading UK and European universities, they are developing BIOTOL, a training scheme in biotechnology using open learning materials, which will provide tailor-made courses, flexible in content, pace and place.

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