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A man walks into a café in Barcelona, sits at a table, and begins telling a complete stranger an amazing story. Is he an ingenious panhandler? a lunatic? The stranger listens because he has nothing better to do at the time, then grows increasingly puzzled as events unfold. Why is the American FBI, with agents in Barcelona, so interested in this man and his amazing story? What about the young woman who manages the café? How has she come to know about the man, and might the two be lovers? And where do a fanatic mathematician and an old priest fit in? From the second coming of Caliph Hakim, to the reclusive Druze of Lebanon; from the Knights Templar to the Freemasons; from the Alumbrados to the Illuminati - with side trips to the calculus and the Catalan independence movement - the first encounter between the man and the stranger in the café leads down a path which has many twists and turns.

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