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People have been making poetry for centuries before my birth, and will continue to do so for centuries after me. I have been making poetry since I met Rimbaud, at the troubled age of nineteen. At first, I tried in my mother tongue, and it was beautiful. Then I tried my father tongue, and it was difficult, and worthy. And then, I translated my poetry into this language, and sent it out there, to the people this poetry was meant to touch, alert, and comfort. What I learn along the journey, is that poetry is a space of love; the love to tame the fear of getting life wrong. And poetry is wrong, for poetry is alive no less than its makers. Poetry operates, and poetry does not transcend; poetry sacrifices poetry in a million ways. Poetry is a wave, a function, and as such, poetry is translation, rotation and conversion, interference, and overlap, escape, circulation; poetry is affine. Poetry is gestation, and coming of age, and season.

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