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Para descargar un libro electrĆ³nico de The Space Between en particular, simplemente haga clic en la carĆ”tula del Ć”lbum. DespuĆ©s de eso, puede hacer clic en la opciĆ³n desplegable para encontrar los formatos disponibles para descargar. Tan pronto como haga clic en un formato particular, libro comenzarĆ” a descargarse a la PC.

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The Space Between is the story of a young boy from South Africa who falls in love with a young American girl while abroad, only to be separated from her on his family's return to South Africa. Set against the historical backdrop of apartheid, the story follows the relationship between the young children and their long journey to reunite before the space between them separates them forever. Inspired by actual events, this story is deeply moving, filled with humour, and captivating in its entirety....

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