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Years of clinical practice has positively identified that acupuncture has a definite place in the health care of all people of the world, both in the East and the west and that it can be integrated successfulloy with modern medical practice. In properly trained hands it is inexpensive harmless but essentially effective over a large range of common disorders, and can be used together with modern diagnositic methdos, to help reduce the increasing upsurge of side effects produced by so many of our potent modern chemotherapeutic agents. About Author : Anton Jayasuryia Diploma in Acupuncture Member of the International Institute of Homeopathy, Member of the Acupunture foundation Diploma of the HOmeopathy Research Institute of Canada and New York Academy of Homeopathic Medicine, Felow of the Scandinavian Acupunture foundation. Contents : A brief History Modern Scientific Views Materials and Techniques Precautions Anatomy of Acupuncture The system of Channels and Collaterals Lung Channel Large Intestine Channel Stomach Channel Spleen Channel Heart channel Small Intestine Urinary Bladder Kidney Channel Pericardium Channel Sanjiao Channel Gall Bladder Channel Liver channel Ren Channel The extraordinary points The un numbered Extraordinary points Stematic Therapy etc....

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