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“What a great thing to discover that one smile can make another!” Jeremy Eisler’s delightful rhymes give the reader, young or old, ample reason to smile as he celebrates the great big miracle of babyhood—the first laugh, the first roll-over, the first baffling encounter with feet and toes and hands. Here is a window into the wondrous world of all the babies we love--a treasure sure to make you smile. Read, enjoy, and share!  ~ Chris Vinsonhaler, Professor of English, City University of New York-BMCCThe perfect baby shower gift!  ~ Allytra Perryman, Event Planner – Community Organizer – Political ConsultantI am awed by these beautiful words, bringing personal life to the theories of development and attachment that I have been studying, teaching, and applying for many years. In lovely, poetic brevity, this father captures the nature and magic of a baby’s growth and milestone achievement in physical, emotional, and relational domains. Mr. Eisler’s verses are gems; both heartwarming and informative. Every new parent should have them, and every child psychology text should include them.  ~ Jeannette Bolte, Ph.D., Psychologist

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