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By nature port planning is a multidisciplinary activity. It involves expertise in the field of transport economics, shipping, nautical matters, safety and logistics, but also knowledge of waves and currents, sediment transport and coastal morphology, dredging and land reclamation, and design of breakwaters and quays. Hence port planning is teamwork and within this team the port planner plays a central role in developing the concepts and obtaining the required expertise at the right time. Most port planners are civil engineers with hydraulic engineering training and experience. In addition they need to have a basic understanding of the other disciplines involved, as well as creativity. This book is not just focused on the planning and design of very large ports and sophisticated terminals. Much of our experience related to smaller ports and ports in developing countries has been included in the book, thereby also referring to valuable sources such as the UNCTAD Handbook on Port Development. Ports and Terminals aims at guiding planners and designers of any type of port facility, all over the world. URL on this book:

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