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From FIFA World Cup Champion, Olympic gold medalist, and bestselling author Alex Morgan comes the eighth book in an empowering and fun-filled middle grade series that inspired the Amazon original series, The Kicks!Spring season continues and the Kicks are working their hardest to be champions. But Emma’s confidence takes a dive after tripping and letting a shot go into the goal. Embarrassed by the blunder, she’s not sure if she’s cut out to be a goalie. Devin tries to help Emma, but she’s dealing with uncertainties of her own. The cute new boy at school asks Jessi to go to the movies with him and some other friends, and she accepts, leaving Devin, Steven, and Cody behind. Does Jessi not like Cody anymore and what does this mean for Devin and Steven? With everything so uncertain, will the Kicks be able to stay in the soccer zone?

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Apart from Rod Serling, screenwriter Richard Matheson wrote more teleplays for the cult classic The Twilight Zone than any other writer. Many of these episodes became the...

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Book Revision 1.0As an independent author and this being my 1st book, I've made mistakes. I have gone back through this book and edited the entire thing. I have corrected...

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Hard Hat Zone covers the concepts Community Workers & Helpers and Problem Solving.Construction sites are some of the most interesting places, especially for young boys. Join...

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La taille de la zone plastique en pointe de fissure dans un matériau est directement liée au facteur d'intensité de contrainte pour une configuration donnée. Cette étude...

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Critical Zone is an established series in cultural and literary studies jointly published by the Hong Kong University Press and Nanjing University Press. This is the third...

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Okay. Harken to my tale. Once upon a time (a couple of years ago) there were these brothers who had a bunch of really successful podcasts, and they decided to do a new...

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