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Biblioteca es donde puedes buscar millones de libros y artículos. En su sitio web, la mayoría de los trabajos están en formato PDF, mientras que algunos están en ePUB. Y para obtener el libro Meltdown (Mech Wars Book 3) que desea, solo tiene que escribirlo y buscarlo, luego haga clic en el nombre para ir a una página con información detallada. Después de eso, puedes volver a hacer clic en su nombre y presionar DESCARGAR para descargar el libro electrónico.

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Chief Roach has merged with an alien mech – but can he control its power?Harnessing alien tech was the only way to counter the power of the quadruped mechs piloted by the Quatro. Except, Roach’s awesome new weapon is like a sword with no hilt, and it seems to be doing everything it can to fragment his psyche.Roach must lead Oneiri Team across an Eresos engulfed by the fires of war. Their mission is to stop the legions of Quatro from laying waste to what remains of humanity’s colonies.If Roach can’t resist the alien mech’s promises of glory and chaos, there will be a meltdown – not just for Oneiri Team, but for everyone on the planet.Download the third installment in this rapidly unfolding military science fiction series today.

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In 1873 Malcolm Elder resides in Wynesk Point Lighthouse, the only person for four-hundred miles in any direction. Comprehensive logbook entries begin to appear mysteriously...

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IT STARTS WITH A SPARK…Join Menzuo, The Majesties of Canaan and the Heroes of The Cape as they band together to oppose to the forces of evil!As the eternal, all powerful...

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G.I. Joe: Tales from the Cobra Wars is an action-packed collection of all-original prose stories. Flint, Scarlett, Destro, the Baroness; they're all here as the ongoing war...

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Austerlitz, Wagram, Borodino, Trafalgar, Leipzig, Waterloo: these are the places most closely associated with the Napoleonic Wars. But how did this period of nearly...

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Boer WarsAs General Patton once said, “The Boers? Those sons of bitches fight for the hell of it."The reputation of the Boer is not entirely unearned. At a time when South...

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