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Feng Shui is an ancient study of the environmental energies in' constant perpetual motion that interact with certain places, people and time. This practice of balancing and correcting the effects of certain Ch'i can assist you in:• Increasing your income.• Improving your physical and emotional health.• Positive, personal and professional relationships.• Gaining fame and reputation.• Developing a career that is satisfying.• Being loving and accepting of family members.• Gaining knowledge and education for fruitful path.• Attracting committed and healthy relationships.• Heightening your creative abilities.• Knowing KUA number and LO-SHU grid.• Do it yourself Feng Shui charts.Feng Shui is the science of bringing together humankind and the environment in which we strive to find harmony and equilibrium. It is the art and science of arranging things in a correct order and to find our personal directions so as to harness Ch'i (life force) within our lifestyles so as to reach optimum harmony.This book provides small tips, causes and cures into Feng Shui concepts which can benefit modern day living.

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