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In 1875 the Keswick Convention began. It was the drawing together of ministers and people from different Protestant and Evangelical backgrounds for the purpose of ministering and sharing the teachings of The Deeper Life. The Keswick Convention has had a profound effect on the church from the late 1800’s to the middle of the 1900’s. The earliest part of the movement seen the greatest effect. Well-known ministers such as F.B. Meyer, Evan H. Hopkins, H.W. Webb-Peploe, H.C.G. Moule and many others were consistent speakers at the annual conventions. There were also guest speakers which had a profound influence on the movement itself, such as Andrew Murray and J. Hudson Taylor. The most well-known missionary from the movement was Amy Wilson Carmichael. Beginning in 1893 the messages of the annual conventions were printed in annual volumes entitled "The Keswick Week", and the year of the convention. These books are difficult to come by and are usually in very rough condition. This book is a faithful reprint of the 1898 convention. No changes were made to the text accept where obvious typographical errors occurred, and a few updates to spelling.

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