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Hattie learns that her children have wild sides and that they are completely different from each other. Learning to deal with some of the hardest trials of her life she learns a new meaning of unconditional love. “How could I do that, Judge? My son is “As Guilty As Sin.” He kidnapped Beverly and their son from her mother’s home, knowing it was the wrong thing to do. I don’t care if the doctors have said it wasn’t his fault, because he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Miles knew that what he was doing was wrong!” The world also falls into a World War and Hattie and Ella find themselves serving right in the middle of the conflict. Will they survive?

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Alisa William's life is perfectly normal - there's the football star, the high school nemesis, the twin sister, and of course all of the high school drama. She and her twin...

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This book is specially designed in Amazon's fixed-layout KF8 format with region magnification. Double-tap on an area of text to zoom and read. Help Me Be Good About Breaking...

Broken Promises And Shattered Dreams: 3 Epub

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Evil Grows.Everyone is terrified of Joshua. Drowned cats, dissected squirrels, and burning dogs are his playthings. No one know what the child thinks or will do next. Except...

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Broken Poet is a collection of lyrics and short stories fueled by the true-life experiences and exploits of a man wandering through middle age in the sometimes dark and...

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Brooklynn Richardson is a young, beautiful woman who's life has put her through the ringer at a very early age. Follow her journey as rape, drugs, and looking for love in all...

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