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From the Apollo missions that allowed humans to walk on the moon to space shuttle flights and the invaluable data gathered by robotic probes, space research has yielded a vast amount of information over the years. Such knowledge drives the quest for expanded scientific understanding of the universe as well as the development of technologies that support continued space research. This title examines the science behind space research in the following chapters: What Is Space Research? Probing the Universe; Living and Working in Space; Eyes on the Universe; and Space Research in the Future

Space 2.0: Revolutionary Advances In The Space Industry PDF Mega

A true revolution has rocked the space industry, as Silicon Valley and new startup companies around the world have shaken up the status quo. This has in turn triggered a...

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Fans constitute a very special kind of audience. They have been marginalized, ridiculed and stigmatized, yet at the same time they seem to represent the vanguard of new...

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The Space Between is the story of a young boy from South Africa who falls in love with a young American girl while abroad, only to be separated from her on his family's...

On The Space Station Gratis Epub

Watch as astronauts blast off into space with this beautifully illustrated book. By simply holding the book up to the light, or shining a torch behind each page, young...

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Discover how big bang created our universe, explore the surface of the moon, follow the life and death of a star, and marvel at the mysteries of outer space.

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On April 11, 1970, astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert were launched into space as the crew of Apollo 13. Their destination was the Moon. Their mission, like...

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