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Don’t miss the ENTIRE engaging, hilarious, aggravating, suspenseful, heartbreaking, satisfying story of Same Old Truths, available in the BOX SET, here on Amazon. From the author of Code for Karma.If there’s one thing Kay Manning thought she knew was how to stay one step ahead of her conniving ex husband. But after a series of predictable betrayals (how did she miss them?) Kay realizes it’s time to give up her amateur, flimflam fighter status and allow the experts to make things right. Now with her legal mess in good hands, Kay can relax and turn her attention toward a maybe, possible, budding romance with Ed Salinger, her gorgeous, but enigmatic, boss at the mortuary where she works. But as it is with most things in Life, timing is everything. If their potential love story is ever going to have a chance of getting off the ground, Kay’s going to have to pin him down and force him to clear up all the mixed messages he’s been sending. Kay finally gets her chance at a fund-raising swap meet, where they experience a dramatic meeting of the minds, courtesy of a used, but reasonably-priced, ice cream churn. But before they’re able to declare their true intentions, Fate intervenes and Kay must go back on hold with Ed’s promise of, “we’ll have to talk about it some other time.”But is this mistimed intervention more than a just an inconvenient interruption? Kay turns to a sympathetic old friend to vent her frustration, only to be met with a harrowing tale that threatens to pull Kay back into the drama, intrigue and pain of her divorce which she was so sure she’d left behind. Betrayal, hope, and friendship come together in a story about old and new relationships after divorce. Delora Dennis’ The Truth About Do-Overs demonstrates that no matter when or where humans are involved, you have to expect the unexpected and be ready to deal with it.

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