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The Spotted Tail is the first book in the The Spotted series. It is an young adult fantasy fiction novel. It is rated E for Everyone. A Tail is a cat that protects you. The Foundation is a secret organization controlled by the Director. The Director is Paxine’s grandma. Paxine is a girl who has a gift On Paxine’s twelfth birthday, her grandma gives her an exotic spotted cat named Tache. As soon as their eyes met, Paxine finds she can see and hear through Tache’s ears and eyes. She thinks Tache is special, but her grandma says it’s the other way around. Paxine is the one who is special. She can talk to cats and cats can talk to her. However, Paxine thinks her grandma is a little special too. How many grandmas teach you how to read lips in order to eavesdrop? Her dad thinks Tache is trouble and isn’t happy about a curious cat compromising his security. But how do you blame a kitten for intruders in the house. Explosives? And poison? Paxine is discovering everyone seems to have a secret; secrets that need to stay secret. There is her great Uncle Garon who is a master gadget maker. There is her grandma’s organization within which cats are Tail Guards, who protect the special people who can understand them. And it’s best to have a weapon that isn’t a weapon. Paxine find herself relying more and more on Tache as the security of her parents crumbles around her. Even her grandma seems to be having security issues. And why is everyone worried about the approaching Charity Gala Ball. Aren’t parties supposed to be fun? What is this Child Protection Act that is upsetting her grandma? Is it coincidence that Paxine’s dad can’t seem to protect his own daughter? Or is someone making it look that way? And can Tache, her Tail, keep protecting her in the adult world of politics and murder? He is just a kitten after all. Isn’t he? "An action-packed book set in the future that features Bengal Cats as the magical beings that they are, blessed with fictional "super powers" and genetic traits based on fact, it doesn't get much better than The Spotted Tail." by Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

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