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The powerful Duke of Danby is at it again! 1816 was the year without a summer, but what a Christmas it will be when His Grace finally turns his matchmaking machinations to distant branches of the Whitton family tree.Collection One includes:Ava Stone’s Lady Patience’s Christmas Kitten ~ Lady Patience Post is about to lose the one thing she really wants for Christmas – the sweetest kitten in all the world. But unless she can figure out a way to save the little ball of fluff, her brother will toss the cat unceremoniously out into the snow. Luckily, a summons from the Duke of Danby arrives at the perfect time for a feline reprieve. Now if only the little Angora can behave himself in Yorkshire over the holidays so she can devise the perfect plan to keep him... Doctor Matthew Campion was not part of the plan. But after he treats Patience for an infected kitten bite, she can’t help falling completely in love with the handsome and thoughtful doctor. But will her family and the duke approve? Rose Gordon’s Mistletoe and Michaelmas ~The last thing Daphne Cavanaugh wants to do is marry—well, perhaps not the last thing, but it's certainly not at the top of her list, especially if it's only to get her out of her guardian's hair… * Aaron Lentz has faith in marriage—for other people, that is. Having been betrayed and made a fool once before, he has no inclination to walk down the aisle… * But perhaps a sprig of mistletoe, a dash of fate and a shameless, meddling family (even in the form of an ancient duke), Michaelmas, 1816 might bring about a future they never expected.Lily George’s A Christmas Courtship ~ Anthony Carew, Earl of Bexley, is the unwitting object of scandal when his betrothed elopes with another man. While Bexley is all too happy to return to a quiet life of farming, his formidable grandmother, along with her brother, the Duke of Danby, have different plans. To quiet gossip and fulfill his duty as the eldest son, he must find a wife, and soon. * Shy Rosamond Hughes has secretly been in love with Bexley’s younger brother for years, and she is encouraged by his sisters to sweep the wandering younger son off his feet when he returns home for the holidays. What better way to hone her meager flirting skills than by practicing on their recently jilted brother, Bexley? * In her quest to follow her heart, Rosamond accompanies the Carews to Christmas at Danby Castle. After a few magical days, she finds that the man she adores is the man she’s been pretending to flirt with all along. Now it only remains for the young lady to convince the farmer to take a wife.

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