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Book 2 of 4 of the Herring Cove Road (Not-So-Nuclear Family Saga) series."More than just another mystery. This one grabs you by the heart" -Review by Karen Laird of Under the Shade Tree Blog.The first murder of a child raised eyebrows; the second raised alarms. Ten-year-old Dewey is moving, and he couldn't be more excited; though, he's alone in his enthusiasm. Lisa, his mother, and recently retired Avriel, his next-door neighbor and best buddy, don't share in his excitement regarding the move from their suburban bungalow to a dirty basement level apartment in the lower-class area, where two murders have recently occurred. This sometimes lighthearted and at other times intense novel follows naive Dewey as he befriends two 'different' streetwise boys, learns the pros and cons of friendship and is then stalked by a killer preying on children.ABOUT THE SERIESTaking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the series follows the sometimes amusing, sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes terrifying events that follow an introverted old Jewish man's retirement as he reluctantly befriends a young and struggling single mother, her naive and lonely son, and lastly, a boy streetwise beyond his years.​"I don't usually enjoy books in a series but this was an exception. It was uplifting, and interesting with some twists I didn't see coming...It wasn't all sweet and goody two shoes either. It had some dark and realistic moments and characters. Very well written." -(Amazon Customer) Volume 1) On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Rosen and His 43Lb Anxiety Volume 2) Still on Herring Cove Road: Hickory, Dickory, Death Volume 3) Off Herring Cove Road: The Problem Being Blue Volume 4) Before Herring Cove Road: Ruth Goldman and the Nincompoop

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