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A nine-year-old boy grows up haunted by the roaming hands of a trusted priest. A spoiled housewife turns to a monster home and ghosts in her cell phone when her husband turns to men. How these characters come together in America's money soaked suburbs forms the basis of Cell Out, C.J. Cannino's observant and witty tale of life in the 21st century. We first meet Peter Golozzi in suburban San Francisco where he serves as an altar boy at the neighborhood Catholic Church. The child's blood runs cold every time he faces his perpetrator, Father Patrick Martin. Unable to control his rage Peter lashes out as an young adult and becomes a sexually violent predator himself. He is institutionalized for his sexually deviant behavior at a state forensic hospital where he is eventually rehabilitated and released. The public scrutiny proves too much for the former SVP and he flees to Shady Pines Washington to start over. Peter Golozzi's life takes a turn for the better when he meets Marylynn Diego. Like many upscale suburban housewives, Mrs. Diego appears to have it all; a perfect family, money and beauty. Yet she is tormented by voices she hears in her cell phone and a husband who likes to wear her sexy lingerie. Critical Acclaim! "The plot twists in this story make for a very absorbing read." --Carla Gardini, Creative Executive at Miramax Films. "Bravo! A compelling combination of comedy and tragedy." --Dr. Elizabeth Thompson, Authority on Sexually Violent Predators. "An intriguing, meaningful read for anyone imprisoned by his/her past."--Olga Cossi, Author, Editor. Please Visit

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